Free delivery when you spend over £40!


Is my fruit locally sourced?

Yes, we always strive to source our fruit locally. All our fruit is bought on a daily basis from New Covent Garden Market early hours in the morning. When our buyer gets there at 11 PM he goes around all the firms to check all the fruits available. Our buyer makes a note of where all the best fruits are and go back to the firms to start tasting and to sort fruits from the UK/Europe where possible.

What do you do for Charity?

We’re actively donating to  The Waterloo Action Centre, Born wild, NSPCC and wild futures.

How to Order?

We offer a wide range of fruit boxes, starting from as low as £16.99. To place an order all you have to do is order online or call us on 0207 928 3902 where our Bobtail Fruit team will be more than happy to help.

What’s the fruit quality like?

Our buyer, Robert has had over 50 years of experience. He has been brought up around fruit and veg, his dad "Bobtail" was the founder of Bobtail Fruit. Robert’s only role is to purchase the fruit, he can be in the market for up to 7 hours per day checking we have got the best class 1 fruit on the market and trying to ensure all fruit is locally sourced as much as possible. He checks all fruit by tasting and overseeing how the fruit is handled and making sure all fruit is in perfect condition.

Why order fruit?

Ordering fruit is the best option to motivate staff. It is known to improve job performance, reduces absenteeism and it helps staff meet their 5 a day! And is overall a much healthier option compared to other unhealthy snacks in the workplace.

How can I pay?

- Debit/Credit Card

- Paypal

- Invoice (up to 30 Day credit)

Can we have regular delivery?

Yes, you can, just select how often you'd like your delivery within the checkout process. We're very flexible, you can have an order daily, weekly, bi-weekly or even once a month! 

Am I in the free delivery Zone?

Bobtail fruit is delighted to say we deliver free to most areas in London, please within the checkout process, our very clever delivery calculator will be able to show you if there is any delivery charge.

What if I’m not in the free delivery Zone?

Not happy with the delivery charge? Place your order like normal, when either send us over an email with your concerns or give us a call on 020 7928 3902 and someone from the team will do their best to help (Don’t worry if you’re not happy with the result our order amendment/cancellation time would be 4 PM for effect the next working day)

I’m not quite sure how much to order?

We have tried to make this as easy as possible for our customers for each of our boxes we have recommended how many people we think this will satisfy. If you don’t think that’s quite right, start small then work your way up. Rather than letting your precious fruit go to waste!

What if I want to make multiple purchases, but to different addresses?

Sure, just place two separate orders, filling in two different delivery addressed at the end of the checkout!

Will I be stuck to a contract?

No, not at all. You’re able to cancel/amend your order whenever you like via our website. Just make sure it’s done before 4 PM to ensure the requested changes are taken into account for the next working day!

When will we be invoiced?

We’ll invoice on the final working day of every calendar month.

What is the earliest you deliver?

We’re able to deliver any time Monday – Friday 00:00 – 17:00. Upon checkout select the time you require, if we’re unable to fulfil your slot for any reason we’ll sure to be in touch!

Are you on Social Media?

Of course! Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Our username would be @bobtailfruit