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Top 10 Healthy Fruits

Top 10 Healthy Fruits

Fruits. Everybody loves them. But do you know what benefits some fruits provide? Which fruits can help you and your lifestyle? Listed below are 10 fruits and some of the benefits they provide so you can broaden your fruit-palette. 


Ah, the trusty old banana, one of my favourites! Bananas are rich in potassium, which helps maintain your blood pressure. Bananas have a high content of Vitamin B6, which supports how the nervous system works. Furthermore, Potassium reduces stress, so if you’re feeling like a lot is going on in your life, take a break, grab a banana, and then continue with your day feeling a bit better! 


Big things do indeed come in small packages, or well, lots of small packages! Grapes contain a ton of antioxidants and Dietary Fibres, both of which can give you an energy boost if you’re feeling particularly sluggish.


Apples are your standard fruit, everybody loves ‘em. These juicy delights contain a lot of water which of course is important to stay hydrated. Now don’t underestimate how important staying hydrated is! Being well-hydrated means you’ll be less dizzy, won’t have headaches as much, and just generally means you’ll have a more productive day!


Tangerines have a whole bunch of Vitamin C in them, and boy does Vitamin C do a lot. Firstly it generally just improves your immune system, helping you stave off most kinds of illnesses.Vitamin C makes you want iron more. But why is that a good thing? Iron ensures your blood can transport oxygen around your body. More Oxygen means less Fatigue.


Pears contain healthy carbohydrates and fibre. Your body works harder to absorb these healthy carbohydrates, meaning you can benefit from them longer. They also provide a nice energy boost from their Glucose and Fructose.


Plums are generally great for boosting your well being. They contain a chemical called serotonin, which is mainly found in the brain. Serotonin is known as the “happy chemical” because, yep you guessed it, it helps you keep a positive mood. Additionally, if you think you’re forgetting things often, have some plums, as it is believed that they help your memory.



Everybody loves strawberries, and not just because they kind of look like little hearts sometimes. One serving of Strawberries can provide more Vitamin C than an entire orange! And remember just how much those Vitamin C’s can do! It contains a bunch of fibre to help you with your digestion. And if that isn’t enough, Strawberries have a bunch of antioxidants. These antioxidants protect your cells against something called “free radicals”. These free radicals are produced when your body breaks down food, or when you’re exposed to tobacco smoke/radiation. Free Radicals are linked to causing heart disease and cancer.


Kiwis are nutritional powerhouses! They have a high content of Vitamin C and Antioxidants which can be used to treat asthma. In fact, one cup of Kiwi has about 270% of the daily recommended adult intake for Vitamin C! Those Vitamin Cs help keep your immune system nice and strong and reduce the chance of developing flu-like diseases. It has a lovely amount of fibre, which again helps with your digestion. And that’s only SOME of the things a kiwi can do!


Mangoes are my favourite fruit, and it turns out that the flavour is not too good to be true! Mangoes contain a bunch of antioxidants, which we know helps with a whole bunch of things already. It has a bunch of Vitamin A, the same thing found in carrots which help you with your eyesight, prevents night blindness and dry eyes. It contains those lovely Vitamin C and Fibres (which together help control cholesterol). Mangoes help improve your memory too. If that wasn’t enough, it helps treat your skin pores from the inside, which means you get that healthy, glowing skin! Wait I’m not done praising the all-might mango just yet! Just one mango can make you feel fuller than you actually are, and with the fibrous content, it helps burn unwanted calories. This means you eat less, burn more food, which helps lose weight for you guys who feel like you’ve gained weight over the lockdown period!



Cherries, cute little red balls are full of amazing benefits. Cherries have a hormone in them called “melatonin” which helps you have a good, peaceful night of sleep. They’re really good if you want to lose weight too since they’re low calories, rich in vitamins that strengthen your metabolism and contain a nice amount of water to flush out toxins. They are also known as energy fruits. They help build blood cells which eases blood circulation, which in turns boosts your energy levels.


So there you have it folks! 10 amazing fruits and all of the lovely benefits they provide. All these lovely quick little snacks to have on the go at work, or to relax at home with in a nice bowl while watching a new TV series; whatever it may be, the possibilities with fruits are endless.

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