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Bobtail Fruit & More Corporate Responsibility Statement

Bobtail Fruit & More Corporate Responsibility Statement

Here at Bobtail Fruit & More, we are committed to creating business growth whilst ensuring that the impact on the environment is minimised and that all activities are conducted safely by well-trained and qualified employees.


Our core values, policies and procedures, including those relating to social, environmental, health and safety, employment and ethical matters, are communicated to all staff at their initial interview. These policies and procedures are reviewed regularly and all updates and amendments are communicated back to all staff.


The main three areas we focus on at Bobtail Fruit & More are the following:


  1. Environment
  2. Health and Safety 
  3. Human rights, employment and ethics 




We do not send anything to landfills, all waste we produce would be either reused internally or disposed of via the correct streams. You may notice this in your box packaging, the extra packing within our boxes is reused from what we've purchased the fruit and veg in, we never buy any additional packing materials. As well as any additional cardboard boxes we take on are sent back to New Covent Garden Market to be re-used, avoiding them having to go down waste streams.


Furthermore, all of our Vans would meet the Euro 6 standard, we were planning to upgrade to fully electric vans starting from as early as this year, but due to COVID we've had to delay these plans, but we're committed to meet our goal of a fully electric fleet by 2024.


We're also looking to remove our boxes completely and only offer to deliver our fruit into baskets, as they can be reused hundreds of times compared to a box with only a couple of uses. 


Health and Safety


We recognize our health and safety duties and responsibilities and comply with all the relevant health and safety legislation. The Managing Director has overall responsibility for health and safety supported by his leadership team.


We carry out regular risk assessments and method statements. In this, we follow the five steps to risk assessments to inspect the workplace and identify health and safety hazards and assess the risks they pose. Once risks are identified and evaluated, we implement effective safety measures and create method statements for high-risk activities.


This is fed back to all our employees on a regular basis and we also offer any feedback if there is anything they may feel could be improved or anything they may consider a hazard.


All health and safety posters are displayed in the workplace, we offer any safety equipment (if needed) and provide in house training also.


Human rights, employment and ethics


We aim to create a workplace that encourages diversity and equal opportunities for all. We actively encourage professional development and support employees' health and wellbeing.


We strongly believe in Human rights Laws and follow all principles.

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world. 

They are based on important principles like dignity, fairness, respect and equality which we take very seriously here at Bobtail Fruit & More.


7 steps we continue to follow to maintain Human Rights and Equality in the workplace are as follows:


  1. An equality and human rights policy - this sets our standards to which Bobtail Fruit & More are committed too in relation to employment
  2. Equality and human rights training - we provide training to staff to make sure they understand and achieve these standards
  3. Responsibility for equality and human rights - this is taken by an appointed person to drive the standard set for equality and human rights 
  4. An equality and human rights roadmap - this sets out the objectives we want to achieve in relation to equality and human rights and employment and the steps that will be taken to realise these objectives 
  5. Equality and human rights impact assessment - this brings equality and human rights concerns into the heart of key decision making with Bobtail Fruit & More
  6. Equality and human rights data - this is gathered and analysed within the organisation 

  7. Participation by equality and human rights interest - in governance within the organisation so that the voice of those experiencing inequality or human rights violations informs policy, procedure and practice within Bobtail Fruit & More

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