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5 Great Uses For Organic Bean Sprouts

5 Great Uses For Organic Bean Sprouts

Some people ask what bean sprouts are and some people absolutely love bean sprouts! 

Here at Bobtail Fruit & More we LOVE bean sprouts and thought we would share some ideas on how to make the most of them and what to combine them with to make the most delicious meals and snacks! 


For the people who ask what bean sprouts are, they are created by sprouting the seeds of certain beans, typically mung beans or soy. You’ll find them in a lot of Eastern Asian dishes where they add a much-needed crunch to recipes like spring rolls, pad thai, fried rice and more! They’re also great as salad mix-ins, sandwich toppers or stir-fry enhancers.


Not only do bean sprouts taste great, they are also good for you! They are an excellent source of antioxidants, which protect against cell damage and may reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. They are also a good source of protein, vitamin C, folic acid and high in fibre, and of course, they are a great way to add some crunch to your salads!


Talking of salads let's get started with our 5 uses of bean sprouts...


1. Use sprouted beans as a topping for salads (RAW) or the salad itself!



Everyone loves a salad and also a good meal to have as lunch or dinner all year round.

If you want to try them out as a topping just do your salad as normal and toss a handful of raw beans on top of your salad greens, they add nutrition, crunch and flavour! 


Or if you have forgotten to place your order with us and you have run out of your salad greens then why not use the bean sprouts as the salad itself. One of our favourites would be to put together some bean sprouts and add my favourite dressing, some nuts and cheese, yummy! 


Or if you're an expert in the kitchen you could even try a “papaya, beansprout and mangetout salad” Pairing crunchy vegetables and nuts with sweet papaya fruit in this interesting side dish - this works perfectly with Asian flavoured main courses.


2. Use sprouted beans in dips and spreads (RAW OR COOKED)

You can use barely sprouted beans (either raw or cooked) as a substitute for cooked beans in any bean dip/spread recipe. The flavour may be a little different (if used raw) but we have always found these dips to be very tasty! 


This is a great snack and always goes well when you have family or friends around.

It may not be in the hummus you're used to, but trust us, you won't be sorry! Sprouted mung beans have a light, neutral flavour and wonderful creamy texture that's just perfect for dips, and as a bonus, they don't require any pre-soaking!


3. Use sprouted beans in soups and stews (COOKED)


Sprouted beans taste the best in a stew or soup when they are just a few days old, with barely a sprout peeking out! Added bonus is they only take 30 minutes to cook too!


For a soup, it is both cheap and easy to make :) 

An example of a light and refreshing soup is the “Korean bean sprout soup” which consists of soybean sprouts, soy sauce, garlic, water and some seasoning, one of our personal favourites! 


Stews are a bit longer to prepare and cook but are a great, tasty dish for the winter season. Also, make it in a large batch so it lasts a few days, then you can get out of cooking for a couple of days! A good stew we would recommend is the “Korean beef stew with bean sprouts” you can also add as many vegetables as you like to try and hit your “5 a day”!


4. Everyone's favourite Thai dish - The Chicken pad Thai


Not sure about everyone else but this is definitely my “go-to” dish in a Thai restaurant, and is also easy to make at home.


A classic version of the Pad Thai is a noodle dish with spring onions, egg, bean sprouts and peanuts. You can add chilli to suit your taste and serve with lime wedges.

It is easy and quick to make with 15 minutes of prep time and only 15 minutes to cook! And did you know that Pad Thai is rated as one of the most delicious foods in the world! 


A good thing to serve with the Pad Thai is a side salad so you could try out making the papaya, bean sprouts and mangetout salad as well as the Pad Thai, although this may be too many beansprouts, depending on how much you like a bean sprout :) 


Pad Thai is a good all-rounder and is not rated as one of the most delicious foods in the world for no reason! The flavours of this dish are centred around a sweet-savoury fusion. Salty, nutty, and with that slightly sweet sauce, it’s a treat for the taste buds!


5. A less popular dish BUT still as tasty - Miso bean sprout rolls


Try these healthy, Asian-inspired omelettes filled with stir-fried vegetables and brown rice. Miso also provides energising B vitamins and probiotic bacteria!

This is another quick and easy dish to make, with only 10 minutes prep time and only 10 minutes cooking time and also they are healthy so no excuse not to give them a try! 


These can be quite filling so some people like to have them for lunch or a light dinner, either way, they are savoury, crunchy and delicious! 


Here at Bobtail Fruit & More, these are our favourite 5 ways of using bean sprouts! Let us know yours or give our top 5 a try, we promise you won't be disappointed!

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