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Best Fruits and Vegetables for Christmas

Best Fruits and Vegetables for Christmas

So it’s that time of the year! And cor, what a long year it’s been! Thankfully it’s Christmas time, a time for joy and recollection! We thought, why not talk about some of the best Christmas Fruits and Vegetables you can have? Without further ado, here are the top X Fruits and Vegetables you can have for Christmas!



Brussels Sprouts, named after the City in Belgium, are amazing vegetables to have for Christmas. They’re packed with all kinds of nutrients like Fibre, Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants. They have the potential to reduce cancer, inflammation, and also help improve your blood sugar control! Although Brussels are traditionally eaten on Christmas day, they are in season between October and March.



Parsnips can be found year-round, but they’re primarily in-season from autumn all the way through to early spring. Though when the winter comes, and the frost falls, all of the Parsnips’ starch gets converted into sweet sugar, making Parsnips especially tasty during the winter. They’re rich in Antioxidants and Fibre, whilst also boosting the Immune System!



Cauliflower is always good for you, its high concentration of Fiber, Antioxidants, and Sulforaphane provides you with a whole bundle of health benefits. The fact that Cauliflower is Low-Carb, makes it easier to add to your diet too! During Christmas, why not try out Cauliflower Cheese? This recipe is a personal favourite!



Pomegranates are in season for only a brief time, but it peaks between September to November They’re rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. Studies show that they can help prevent cancer, and help defend against Alzheimer's Disease and Arthritis. Furthermore, they help your digestive system and have anti-inflammatory properties.



Who doesn’t like a Swede Mash for Christmas? And who knew just how good they really are for you? Swedes are jam-packed with Vitamins, Potassium, Calcium and Fibre. Calcium helps you maintain strong and healthy bones! If this wasn’t enough, Swedes also have Manganese, Iron, Zinc and Carotene to help keep you healthy! We especially like this recipe of Swede Mash!



Ah, the Potato; the ketchup of vegetables. The most versatile vegetable known to mankind. What can’t you do with it? You can make lovely Mashed Potatoes or Roast Potatoes for the Christmas Season! Potatoes contain a whole bunch of Nutrients, including Fibre and Carbs, a bunch of Vitamins, and all kinds of Minerals, including Potassium! As if this wasn’t enough, it’s known to prevent heart disease and help relieve high blood pressure. Furthermore, it prevents the formation of kidney stones and also stimulates the brain function, keeping you at the top of your capacity!



Clementines are notoriously known for being difficult to get, and people love putting them in stockings for the Christmas Season! But have no fear, we’ve got a whole bunch of clementines available for purchase in our store! Clementines improve the health of your eye, your digestive system, and also your skin. It’s known to strengthen your bones, whilst also reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol level! 

Celery is lovely to have for your Cheese and Crackers for Christmas Day! Whilst being a lovely treat, it also manages diabetic symptoms and prevents cancer, whilst boosting your immune system. Celery is known for providing relief from migraines and asthma, and also prevents Urinary Tract Infections in women.

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