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The story behind our Eggs

The story behind our Eggs

At Bobtail Fruit & More we sell a variety of products. In today’s society, it is important to be ethical in the manner in which we do things, from human to human, to human to animal. May it be in public or behind the scenes. This applies to us at Bobtail Fruit & More That’s why we strive to source our products from places we can personally guarantee are ethical.


One example of this is our eggs. We sell a range of eggs, small, medium and large. All of these eggs are produced on a Free-Range farm, ensuring that the animals are kept in an environment of which they are comfortable in. The eggs we source come from a British Farm, that was established back in 1976.


Marshwood Farm began when a little boy decided he wanted to earn some extra pocket money. He asked his father to buy him two chickens, so that he may sell eggs to those passing his home. Over time he wanted to sell more eggs, and so asked for more chickens. And thus came forth a cycle. More and more eggs were required to sell, and so more chickens were bought. Over time, a packing facility was purchased to organise sales. From the little boy buying eggs, to five facilities and a large farm, Marshwood Farm has been running for 4 generations strong.


Since 1976, multiple Outlets were bought in order to keep up with demand, and 30 years later, farmland was acquired, and hence birthed Marshwood Farm. The exceptional quality of their produce, delicate treatment of animals and wonderful customer service are some of the few reasons we still source our produce from them today.

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